Money, Money, Money, Moooonnneeeyyy: Dancer v. Donald Trump

The financial woes of the modern dancer and various parallel/intermediary careers which both work and don’t work. some photos from my 60 second solo (now turned group dance) from 60×60 choreographic collaboration! Stumbled upon this blog post about maintain focus to achieve your goals and find it right in line with performing!

Remember Me – no really, don’t forget! My last one…for now I hope!

Just came back from Park City, Utah after my final performance of Remember Me and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nostalgic for the constant rigors of performance and rehearsal, plus the fabulous company of gifted dancers.  Not to mention I am essentially unemployed and slightly broke!  Interested in teaching positions […]

“Remember Me” with Parsons Dance at the Joyce – Lady Gaga step aside.

Backstage in the dressing room of the Joyce, I tediously and ritualistically applied my makeup entirely too early.  I literally did it as slow and methodically as humanly possible just so I didn’t have ions of time before curtain to psych myself out.  My hair had about a full 20 minutes of unnecessary maintenance time.  […]